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Born in the Milan of the sixties as a scholarly father of science and art and a painter mother for pleasure, she has shown good manual skills and spontaneous artistic talent since childhood. He has the opportunity to grow and learn by attending painters and ceramists' studios, to study classical dance and is accustomed since childhood to contemplate the works of the greatest painters. Fascinated by the paintings of all the great artists of the past, in particular he admires those of the Macchiaioli and the Parisian impressionists. Passionate about all that the Beautiful represents, she decides not to undertake the academic study, preferring the self-taught way to freely experience the subject following her own feeling while remaining in contact with the artistic world and constantly observing, with great attention, also the technique of other contemporary painters. In the meantime, he began his career in computer science, he was interested in photography, dance, music, history and poetry, passions from which he constantly drew inspiration.

Over time he experimented with various forms of pictorial art, although he preferred to express himself with the oil technique. Since the nineties, his artistic work has intensified and has begun to participate in group exhibitions and competitions, obtaining favorable awards and criticism. 

After a few years in which she retires from critical visibility, she is invited to confer new prestigious and authoritative awards, while she continues to devote herself to her personal research, between the study of light techniques and the effect of colors, working mainly on subjects taken from life and re-discovered in the tranquility of the studio, letting oneself be inspired by what most strikes his personal sensibility drawing on the occurrence even from his own photographic shots captured in everyday life. 

Several of his works have been performed on commission and / or are part of private collections. 

He is a quoted artist since 1997 (catalog 'Italian Painters and Sculptors of European Importance' ed. 1997 ed. 'Il Quadrato'. 

In 2016, the awarding of a prestigious criticism by Vittorio Sgarbi is selected. In 2016 he obtained the Expertise and the listing for editorial selection by Paolo Levi: 'D.O.C. Artists to invest in 'ed. Art effect. (work: 'Serena') 

He is now an artist included in numerous prestigious art catalogs distributed to gallery owners and collectors including the prestigious art book "The Artists in the Sgarbi Collection", kept in the library of Villa Cavallini Sgarbi along with the selected lithographic works, archived and registered in the "collection of prints of the drawings" of the homonymous collection which is kept in the library of the Villa of Ro Ferrarese. 

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Laura Mantovani is an Artist included in numerous prestigious art catalogs distributed to gallery owners and collectors including the prestigious art book "The Artists in the Sgarbi Collection", kept in the library of Villa Cavallini Sgarbi together with the lithographs of the selected works, archived and registered in the "collection of prints of the drawings" of the SGARBI COLLECTION of the Villa of Ro Ferrarese.

OFFICIAL QUOTE - Artistic coefficient 3 (by Angelo Crespi - Art Leader 2020)

Invited to awards and exhibitions since 1994, with recognition also of important critics of the time, after several years in which she decides to withdraw from public visibility, in 2016 she is noticed and selected by the critics. He resumes his work of promotion of the works he participates in events for artistic recognitions and collective exhibitions also receiving prestigious awards and exposing (and video-exposing) in art exhibitions of international importance. 

Laura Mantovani is a listed artist on the "Artists" yearbook (2019 Art Now edition) distributed in all A.Mondadori Editore stores. 

Among the events to remember from the past: 

- 'Oscar for visual arts' award in 1996 - (in the province of Lodi) 

- 'international painting and sculpture exhibition Grazzano Visconti' (PC), in which the 'special painting prize' was awarded by the critics for the work 'The Cotunou family'. 

- international collective painting exhibition 1996, present with the work 'Pausa dopo la classe' (Nice Fr) 

- Award 'Tribute to the carnival' 1996 - with the work 'Emozioni in maschera' 

- 'Vela d'Oro 97' award - Cesenatico 1997 

More recently it has been selected and invited to: 

- 'First International Tiepolo Award' in Milan 

- 'Casanova International Award in Venice (work awarded' rain at dusk in the lagoon ') 

- 'Galileo Galilei International Award' in the city of Pisa 

- painting exhibition 'Spoleto in Arte', in Spoleto 

- 'Premio Grande Maestro 2016', in Palermo 

- exhibition 'Contemporary artists at the Louvre' in Paris 

- 'First Prizes "Contemporanei agli Uffizi', in Florence 

- Art Florence 2016, Botticelli Florence Award 

He exhibited and displayed some works at 

his works have recently been video-exhibited in the context of exhibitions of international importance, such as: 

International Verona Triennial 

the DOC works in New York and Washington, selection by Prof. Paolo Levi 

In 2017 

exhibits the work The garden in Verbania 'at the International Biennial of Art of the Mediterranean MeART (9-16 March in Palermo) - organized by EA Editore 

- selected for the prestigious competition 'Arte Salerno 2017 - international contemporary art award' (Salerno), where he exhibited the work 'Il giardino in Verbania'. 

'International Milan Art Award', organized by EA Effetto Arte Edizioni, on 25 July 2017 Milan with the presence of Vittorio Sgarbi. 

It is present in the sector catalogs, including for EA Editions: 

'Masters - selection of contemporary art' 

'Venice in Art Casanova Award' 

'D.O.C. Artists to invest in, including an updated listing by Prof. Paolo Levi. 

'ITALIANI - From the figure to the figuration - selection of contemporary art' an artistic project strongly wanted and edited by Prof. Vittorio Sgarbi. 

On the occasion of the participation in the ArteMilano Award she was honored with a special monograph with five works accompanied by the criticism of Maestro Sandro Serradifalco. 

Recently his works have been published on some issues of the art magazine 'Effetto Arte' Ea Editore. is . 

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