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Leonida Beltrame was born in Adria (Rovigo) in 1904. He lived most of his life in Venice, where he produced the most significant works. His career began in 1930. His art studies began under the guidance of the Accademia dei Borgognoni masters of Pavia, and paternal uncle Alberto Beltrame in Sanremo; he studied the "Nude" for six years at the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice.

He has held numerous solo exhibitions. He was been a member of merit of Italian and foreign Academies. It was designated in national art commissions for public works. The main Italian Television Broadcast has dedicated a number of interviews and comments. He was awarded the Commandery of the Sovereign Hospitaller Order of St. George in Carinthia Office of Science in Rome. He received the award of Knight of Merit of the Italian Republic and the Commandery of the Sovereign Order of Saint John of Jerusalem Knights of Malta.

He died at his home of St. Helena in Venice in 1994.

In 2019 an artist coefficient of 5 was assigned.

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His works appear in private and public collections: 

  • Pinacoteca Accademia di Montecatini, 
  • Sacred Art Museum permanent "Friends of Father Pio" in San Giovanni Rotondo (Foggia), 
  • Art collection Academy of Paestum Salerno, 
  • Columbian Art Gallery in St. Louis Missouri U.S.A. 
  • Art Collection "Art and Thought" in Bari, 
  • permanent gallery Italian Confederation of Professionals and Artists in Rome, 
  • Marian Sanctuary Madonna di Montenero Livorno, 
  • Civic picture gallery in Faenza, 
  • International Academy of St. Rita of Turin, 
  • Italian documentation and research center of Castellammare di Stabia, 
  • Picture gallery of Villa Verucchio - Forlì, 
  • Sanctuary Madonna dell'Arco Naples, 
  • Parish Church of St. Helena in Venice, 
  • Parish Church of St. Mark the Evangelist of Mira Porte (Venice), 
  • Art Collection of the City of Spinazzola (Bari). 


In his long artistic career (1930), he received important national and international awards.

The main:

  • Lauro Golden Academic 1956 -Roma
  • Palme d'Accademia de 'i 500 1966 - Rome
  • Scroll of Honour with Star of Europe 1965 Award (MEC) - Ancona
  • Europe of Culture Prize 1970 in the context of the European Communities 1971 - Rome / Capitol
  • Prize Dante Alighieri 1977 - Rome
  • Capitol Gold Award of the Academy Burkhardt Basel 1977
  • International Award, 1978 - Zurich
  • Winged Victory "Knights of Progress" 1979 - Rome
  • Oscar Italy 1980 - Milan
  • 1982 - Foggia - XIV National Prize "Spring" received the trophy Memorial Attilio Tibollo
  • 1982 - Boretto (RE) - Universal Oscar organized by the International Academy Artistic Literary "Boretto City"
  • 1983 - Foggia - XV National Award "Spring": Trofeo Città di Foggia
  • 1985 - Pietralba (BZ) - The National Prize of Sacred Art "The Maria Weissenstein": second prize at
  • 1986 - International Grand Prix "Cav. Malta of the Sovereign Order of St. John in Jerusalem" organized by the Academy City of Boretto.


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