Giorgio Gregorio Grasso

Leonida Beltrame born in Adria (RO) on 06 August 1904 died in Venice on 27 August 1994

The Venetian painter possessed the genius and the true creative flair that allowed him to realize his works so important without any apparent difficulty and with the utmost naturalness that they were destined to make us rediscover the past arts from the timeless values.

Through a personal interpretation of the great pictorial tradition, he worked with a technique that is capable of restoring the visible state of emotions, tending to seek an idea of ​​purity that translates into a series of works calibrated on the compositional harmonic plane.

The work of Leonida Beltrame, remains indissoluble over time, through a process that makes each of his works unique and performed with the merit of a recognized art master.

The splendid final result of his works makes the material alive to their visual interpretation.

Leonida Beltrame shares with us the history of art through the use of materials used since ancient times as the memory of a dream that materialized through its inspiration and dynamism, thus allowing us observers access to boundless territories where myth, history and future become one thing.


In order to facilitate the calculation of the commercial value of a work of art, coefficients are defined that are multiplied by the size of the work, a quantitative variant and processed based on qualitative variations, such as the naturalness of the artist, l the historical and artistic interest of the work, the quantity of the product and the material used, the commitment and the difficulty of realization, the publications of specialized, the collective and personal exhibitions, the prizes and awards and the auction value.

It is therefore through the interpretation of many variables and criteria assigned the evaluation coefficient which is not an absolute value but able to guide and above all protect buyers, collectors, investors and the artists themselves. Therefore the cultural association Albatos in the world through the judgment and accurate analysis of the historical art critic Giorgio Gregorio Grasso issues to the artist, was Leonida Beltrame its evaluation coefficient elaborated through the analysis of numerous qualitative and quantitative variables and taken into consideration throughout its artistic and documentary journey.

If you certify to the artist that his artistic evaluation coefficient is equal to 5 points.

Calculation tool: € = (B + H) * C expressed in mm.