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Luciano Mancuso was born in Palermo in 1976, immediately demonstrates his artistic skills, and began his training career at a young age, studying and refining pictorial techniques. 

Participates in various competitions for which different artistic merits will be recognized. 


His works have an extraordinary visual impact, made of lights and contrasts in which the language of color is always free and intense. 

His painting and his unmistakable personal style, within the contemporary artistic panorama, today bring him closer to the happiest seasons of modern Pop Art and abstract expressionism.

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As a graphic designer, he creates the cover of the Sicilian regional food and wine yearbook. 

He collaborates with the ceramist artist "Nino Parrucca", taking care of the graphics and illustrations published in the catalog and Giornale di Sicilia. 

His love for drawing also led him to collaborate with the editorial staff in the weekly "La Notizia di Palermo", covering the role of cartoonist. 

As an illustrator, he created the book "Il signor Passo di Rigano" for the association "La Rondine" of Palermo. 

He took part in a pictorial impromptu at the Policlinico of Palermo, where his work is still kept. 

After moving to Piedmont, he took part in the "27th and 28th National Contemporary Painting Competition, winning for both a" merit "evaluation. 





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