I am an autodidact and a watercolor freak.

I first used my brushes only ten years ago, when I accidentally stepped in an art-therapy group.

Since then I have never stopped painting: I am so much fascinated that watercolor painting - or simply watching painting - kindles in me some instant reactions of love.

Yeah, I simply love watercolors, they so transparent, bright, soft, delicious, malleable, mixable but also indomitable.

A painter is nothing more than just a means, actually your watercolors have got a life of their own.
Most of the time they seem to pursue different goals than yours. Most often - better goals than yours.

And when you start painting in watercolor, your ability to SEE changes: you look at every shadow, every nuance, every light of reality around you through a lens, that is the image you would imagine on paper, under your brush.

Here, that’s where my landscapes, my flowers have popped up. By themselves, when I managed to put myself aside - to bring out the painter who is hidden in depth somewhere.

I want to insert in this gallery also some paintings that are sold or given away.
I like the idea of having a complete gallery of everything that Magalì - the magic and dreamy part of me - has brought out, often without my knowing.

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