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Margherita Coralluzzo:

“My hope is to be able to capture the unique face of a soul, made up of dark and light features, black and white. Where the light of good, however, is able to prevail, emerge, rebuild from all darkness. It is in the twilight, in the afternoon hours, at home, in the deserted alleys scattered with chiaroscuro, that the authentic natural light shows itself, revealing the aspect that I love and consider better than a soul, the created work of art and more loved by God. Why: the story of a person, giving a name to the portrait of his exclusive spirit, comes before the photographed image ”.

Art photographer of monochrome portraits specializing in Visual Arts, Neorealist Art, Author Photos, the aid of digital brushes, Dramatic Portrait technique, Dragan effect, BNW,. The works are accompanied by the Certificate of Authenticity. Author, songwriter.

Born on 7 October 1973 in Bellizzi (SA). In 2006 she founded the Missionary Angels where she is the author of musicals, direction, photography, sets. He writes two books for which he takes care of the graphics of the internal images and cooperates in the design of the covers created by Roberta Coralluzzo.

Daughter of art, her mother Giuseppina Schiavo, teacher of drawing and art history, graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Naples, grew up portraying people's faces from an early age, perfecting various techniques such as charcoal, acrylic, oil, powders and iconographic technique, creation of scenography, to understand which one came closest to the inspiration of his heart, up to approaching the world of photography gradually, to the targeted approach for black and white photos. Over time he then developed a certain propensity to want to continue the journey in people's souls also through photos, visiting the historic villages of various countries and telling the "experiences" of each one like a travel diary, essentially aiming to portray their gaze, the eyes, the movements, a wrinkle that appeared following a momentary emotion, a memory, a pain, and the aspect of their singular spiritual and religious growth. Of an experience expressed on the face illuminated by the light of God's love.

Release of his first book: April 3, 2014

“Wonderful life” - By chance, by love, by

friendship - Sign Editions. Exit of

second book: January 2016 “Beautiful

Mind. When reason joins the heart "

- Segno Editions.

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* Accademia Domani certification of attendance and completion of the Veriform accredited course in: Professional Photographer

capable of carrying out artistic, naturalistic, travel, portraiture and childhood photographic services, and to carry out all post-production and photo-retouching operations.

* Master in “Dramatic Portrait”, Behind the lens, Ten Steps to Becoming a Successful Photographer, Beauty Retouching Quickstart with Joel Grimes July 2020.

* Professional certification in directing / filmmaker / video editing achieved with the director

Alessandro Ippolito (author, director and television producer).

* Certification in Creative Writing of the Journalistic Documentation Center of Rome with

recognized certificate.

* Learning Fraternity certification carried out in Rome with a certificate recognized by Unesco.

*Education. Achievement of the Linguistic Technical Diploma at the Santa Caterina Institute from

Siena, Pastena (SA) in 1992. Achievement of a second diploma from the high school socio psycho

pedagogical 1994 - 1995 in Vallo della Lucania (SA).

* Singing studies at Polymusic in Salerno. In 2016 improvement of the vocal technique in modern singing with the international vocal coach: Cheryl Porter (with whom she duets one of her songs).

* Publication of 2 music albums on Spotify, also there by taking care of images, shots, video clips, photography, previews, direction and editing.

* Awarded at the Leonardo da Vinci International Prize on 27 September 2020 at Palazzo Ximènes-Panciatichi in Florence, with video exhibition of the work "The silence that my eyes express", receiving: Video exhibition of a work on 27 September 2020 in Florence, at Palazzo Ximens-Panciatichi;

Publication of the work admitted on a page of the ART NOW art periodical with the artist's personal contact details;

Awarding of the "Leonardo Da Vinci" recognition (personalized plate)

Activation of the Highlighted Paintings service on the work admitted to the award - to give greater visibility to your art for 60 days on PitturiAmo and on our Facebook page;

Direct sale of the work for one year on PitturiAmo + assistance with online sales - so you will have real opportunities to sell your work through PitturiAmo;

Publication of the editorial dedicated to the event on PitturiAmo Magazine with a direct link to your PitturiAmo profile - to give you the opportunity to better position your name on Google.

* First classified at the PABLO PICASSO AWARD together with the DIPLOMA HONORIS CAUSA DI MAESTRO D'ARTE, plus First place for Author's Photo, AUTHOR PROFILE with the personal photo, the biography and the inclusion of 12 works of art in the HONOR BOOK OF ITALIAN ARTISTS IN THE WORLD IN THE ARCHIVE ENCYCLOPEDY in the Historical Archives of the Maison d'Art Academic Center of Padua, Video Art of 12 works with review by art critic dr. Carla d’Aquino. Personal exhibition of 20 DAYS in the historic galleries of the Maison d'Art Academic Center in Padua.

* Pages on the various social networks where it constantly improves the graphics and images.

Art gallery website:

Instagram art gallery: margheritacoralluzzo.art_bw_ph

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