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Maria Marta Racca

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The willing to express my feelings through art always brings me to devote my energies to painting and writing. The color scheme, often very strong, sometimes more subtle, is the peculiarity of the sensations that I want to give to those who keep my paintings.
Emotion is color. Color is life. 

Constantly looking to the personal artistic evolution, “curious” about life in general.

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Old drawings, paintings, particular features, details and WIP present on my page of Instagram (referred to as Web site above) are my resume. 

Group exhibitions on the local area.

Exhibition at the Art Gallery in Barcelona--paintings on display from 12.05 to 31.05.2016

Partecipation to the transmission Percorsi d'Arte, directed by Dt. Castellana, at Telestudio Modena on 10.06.2016

Partecipation to The Artbox Project - Switzerland with the painting "Morning Secrets", accepted by the jury which will virtually show it in the Miami Art Fair - December 2016 - certificate of partecipation available

12.02.2017 Partecipation at the Art Fair in Art Expo' - Genova (IT) - assignation of the Trophy to the painting "Morning Secrets" - Judge of critics available in Italian language

22.04.2017 Partecipation at the Art Prize in French Riviera - Cannes (FR) - assignation of the Trophy to the painting "About Love and Life" - Judge of the critics available in Italian language

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