Mario Ubaldino is an Italian writer, poet, playwright, screenwriter, philosopher, iconology interpreter, semiologist and artist born in Bitonto, Puglia, on 28 September 1987.

The beginnings

As a young man he studied as a dental technician without obtaining the baccalaureate due to his abandonment of studies during the repetition of the last year of school after a rejection of the state examination commission had considered negative school absences due to his lack of desire to attend the institute.

2010 - 2012

In the years that followed, he devoted himself to reading many books on archeology, religion and the occult, including readings on Umberto Eco, Dan Brown and religious figures who were witnesses of faith.

At 22 he discovers himself as a poet and composer of aphorisms, thus starting to collect them in his first notebooks.

2013 - 2015

He devotes himself to theatrical art by inventing scripts for comedies, tragedies and musical works. In the meantime he practices composing chivalrous poems by studying the medieval era with his poets such as Ludovico Ariosto, Petrarca, Boccaccio, escaping instead from Dante Alighieri. His talent convinces him to devote himself to the composition of musical texts with the opportunity to collaborate with the well-known singer Ron following their public meeting, a collaboration that will not take place at the last.

The formation of his own inspiration begins with the imitation of the seventeenth-century style, in particular of William Shakespeare, of which he will study every written work.

2016 - 2019

It is the period of the exploit. In those years his poetic composition evolved, defining his own poetry with an important number of texts. In this period the writing of the first novel begins, with which he will repeat himself with other attempts at fictional writing. He invents a large number of poems, aphorisms, humorous phrases, constantly experimenting with new literary forms. He immerses himself in the writing of other plays, while he devotes himself to writing about astrophysics and creating satirical cartoons by offering them to the public in his online citizen newspaper that he approves. In this era the idea was born to devote himself to symbology with an essay, showing his first real interest in art. Hermetic studies encourage him to do many insights into works of art from various eras. At the end of this period, he will write essays on symbology in art.


He continues to write for the theater and many other novels of various kinds.

Ubaldino submits an essay on the symbolic art of Leonardo da Vinci to an Italian literary agency which twice rejects the publication of the manuscript.

He invented a magazine, "L'artista Scientifico", on which he wrote about science in general, art, psychoanalysis, astrophysics, cosmology, anthropology, innovation and technology, which he will sell on Kindle from November 2021. The magazine will cease to exist four months later having in mind to deepen the topics covered in it by making books.

He dedicates himself to the creation of works of art with digital technique, photography, theater, writing various screenplays, and cinema, applying with a his short film to the pre-selection for the 79th Venice Film Biennale.

From 13 to 17 May 2022 he participates in his first art exhibition at the Pro Biennale di Venezia whose works are reviewed by Salvo Nugnes, Pippo Franco, with the collaboration of Vittorio Sgarbi and Silvana Giacobini exhibiting Eros di Milo from behind to two hands and War Photographers, works that at the same time are published in the art catalog published by Art Factory of the Pro Biennale 2022 - Spoleto Pavilion.

In the same month he joined the Saatchi Art Gallery in London where he began the exhibition of his artworks in the permanent online sale.

He will continue in the drafting of other novels and texts of various artistic nature, also taking up many of his unfinished works.

In August 2022 he widens the showcase for his works of art by joining the portal of contemporary painters PitturiAmo. In this same period, his work by Charlot was published in the magazine Art Now number IV, year 5, of July / August 2022.

From 21 to 23 October he exhibits his work of art "Charlot" in the Carrousel du Louvre in Paris in the collective video-exhibition organized by Art-Now for the international Art Shopping Louvre event.


From 4 to 28 January he participates in the video exhibition at the Espace Art Gallery in Brussels for the International Artist of the Year Award event established by the Effetto Arte Foundation with the work "The erotic archer".

His work "The Erotic Archer" is published in the contemporary art magazine Art Now number VI, year V.

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