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Marradi was born in Naples in 1979 because of its great sensitivity had a very troubled adolescence, started to get from an early age the art ranging from music to color sketches painted in abstract style and child on notebooks and stray towels and then placed in a drawer, as an outlet towards a society that will soon begin to look with great suspicion is the beginning of a life aim of seeking out its personality from a vented anger.
Marradi from the first experiences with the design research a deep connection with the world of society and personality through the countless journeys that led him to acquire a detailed visual knowledge and emotions different from what he calls box or limitations.

All this until he met his current partner, where the painter was born an important professional collaboration to Marradi a sort of comparisons and emotions that riempieno his empty Paintings that are the demonstration of harmony that goes beyond the canvas. Marradi and his partner reach a mutual healthy balance and professionale.Il painter is impressed with the capabilities and techniques that his partner adopts, while his partner looks stunned the naturalness with which marradi creates his paintings amazed by how he was able to paint with so much natularezza expressing strong emotions in colors and shapes and his strong creativity represented in his paintings.

What characterizes the painting of Marradi is not classifiable in an official power, he calls himself "Trip artist" for research in his travels and personality that many life experiences can I formed with sometimes simple acrylic techniques adopted without ' use of rules formali.Non uses frames and often paints canvases recently recycled, the stretch is very marked and very full-bodied strokes that makes' you that the art of Marradi is a poor and simple art, the essence of our being transmitted in painting but also a figurative art in which you can recognize the subjects and the meanings that the artist wants to convey.

In themes and expressive choices of MARRADI they have an important part of the southern roots of values ​​and sentimentalism and expressiveness and emotions that only he knows that's why often collect paintings of faces and expressions.

But what most characterizes it is a strong desire to be known and to paint.

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