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This is my Biography and an description of my Art.

My name's Mara, my surname's Burigo, my Art name's Maruska, I'm an young up-and-coming Art Modern Contemporary painter. 

I was born in Belluno, (Italy) on the date 12/08/1977. Just in the first years of the school, I aptitude on painting with excellent results.

I lost early the school, but I persisted in the painting and I also learned at the author book, some techniques that they can to show my personality.

Beginning at the year 2000, I took part some personal Art exhibition and collective Art exhibition, in Belluno and also out of the city's Belluno, well at different Italian cities.

During this time I received some reviews of the art’s critics, that they said very well on my painting. From year 2005 to year 2012, I always took part at an national art competition in the Artists Club's Foggia, every years they gave me an prize for the finalist, at the month June 2012, I won the third national prize.

Then at the mouth July 2012, I left school with some professional qualification in Graphic Operator and Multimedia.

Well at the mouth June 2013, I also won the fourth national prize of the Art Modern and Contemporary by an Art association ART-ART of the Venice that it's connects to the Venice's Biennale. My Art works are an innovative style on the Pop ART.

Look at on my painting, there is an particulir technique with innovative collage, oil painting and acrylic painting. I moreover create photos. I like using innovative techniques,

"I study abstract photos" then they are same the Modern Contemporary

abstract painting.

Well I have an my Art web site:

(I also published some stories and now write some fairy tales that they are dedicate to the Patrimonio Dolomitico U.N.E.S.C.O. Bellunese. Well at my Art web site you can look

my little biography of the my stories. I'm also create comix cartoon stories for children.

I worked only as voluntary at jobs with the children and also with an Theatre association

where I work as set designer at the "UNA MONTAGNA DI TEATRO",

You can look another my pages at the face book, with name Mara Burigo

(icona del pittore)- , also in the sito web:

in the web site:

and at the web site: : (Enter in search, write the name Mara Burigo, Operatore grafico e multimediale, well there are some my videos at this web site)

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My Art exhibitions:

1999 -  Personal Art exbition by the Art Gallery  "La Cornice " (Belluno-Veneto-Italy)

2001-  Collective- Art exbition   by Art Gallery Porta all'Arco (Siena -Toscana -Italy)

2005- Personal Art -exbition by  Hotel Piol of the Limana (Belluno-Veneto-Italy)

2006-  Art-exbition with another artist by Sala Comunale of the Polesella (Rovigo-Veneto-Italy)

2007- Art-exbition with another artist by  Biblioteca Civica of the Pieve d'Alpago (Belluno -Veneto-Italy)

2009- Collective art exbition  little Modern and Contemporary art  by Hotel of  the Montecatini Terme (Pistoia) Italy -  here the  art work it's  an  permanet exbition.

2009- Personal art exbition by  Hotel Villa Imperina of the  Agordo (BL) - Veneto-Italy

2009- Personal art exbition by  Asolo Golf Club of the  Asolo-Veneto-Italy 

2011- Collective art exbition  only woman artist by Art Gallery Il Melone of the Rovigo-Veneto-Italy

2011- Collective art exbition by Biblioteca Civica of the Pieve d'Alpago - Belluno-Veneto- Italy

2014- Personal art exbition by Municipio of the Mel (BL)-Veneto -Italy 

2014 -  Art exbition with another artist by  Centro Culturale Piero Rossi of the belluno-Veneto-Italy

2014- Collective art exbition by Art Gallery Pent Art of the Rome with Art  Cultural Association

 2015 - Art exbition with another artist by Biblioteca of the Limana -Belluno-Veneto-Italy

 2015 - Collective art exbition by Art Gallery 4&25 of the Spoleto- Umbria-Italy  

2016 - Collective art exbition "Whoman in the Art" with Cultural association art of the Novara -Italy.

2018- Collective art exbition and international art competition  "Colore e Materia" by Cultural art  association  Click Art of the Milano -Italy. (Here I diden't  won an prize, but I take part of the art book with new artists  of the this time.)

From 2000 to now I took part at different collective art exbition with Circolo Artistico Morales of the Belluno.

From 2000 to 2007 I took part  to some collective art exbition by Art Gallery Sala di Cultura  De Luca of the Belluno. 

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