The artist ranges between very different techniques and types of art: from oil on canvas, to the use of the computer tool to create digital painting, then passing through a more material acrylic painting on canvas, with unusual tools, which allow everything the inner world to go out energetically and instinctively. In all these different forms of expression, however, we find common threads, characterizing traits: the representation of movement, which sometimes seems imprisoned and at other times disruptive and predominant. A movement not only physical, but also of sensations, perceptions, feelings, moments of life. And again the combination of colors, blacks that reinforce the reds, warm and vital colors combined with dark and more intimate colors, which represent what each of us can find in the most hidden place. The recurring presence of the fugue, which is chased between the various works and which usually materializes in the circle; a circle almost always full, very often in the upper right. This traces the strong essence linked to the possibility of always finding a solution, always a second way to go in order to continue towards other horizons, those horizons impossible to reach towards which the artist wants to go.

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