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Professional Biography

Since I was little, I began to work with my parents in a market of antiques and I reveled in the remains of ancient pieces that lay on the ground: belt buckles, buttons of Azabache, broken necklaces, antique lace and other add-ons. With all of these collected materials i began creating jewelry.

My career in the world of antiques can be traced to the 70 years and has been extended until now, in parallel with the drawing that I was very well, with very good grades in school, so I've never stopped drawing and painting.

Creating my jewelry and continued painting, but I began to see the light until a few years ago when I began to take seriously the paint to transform it in my professional priority.

My father is known as a self-taught painter in Barcelona as "Cas Fraguas ". His paintings traveled across the world, both as well as mine since we sell in markets and tourist sites where people from all over the world, our jobs are in Japan, Sweden, Germany, Ireland, England, France, Italy, Europe and North America. Currently, the painting is my livelihood…                                  

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Mercedes Gutierrez Navarro - Mercedes Cas

C/Princes of Spain, 20- 38612-Tenerife

Tf: 646291625  

[email protected]

Education and training:

Course of drawing, painting and graphic design in private school DGPB, Barcelona 1985-1989

Other: self-taught

Individual exhibitions:

2000 -2008: Market Square, La Laguna, Tenerife.

2010-2015: Main Market in Mallorca: exhibition and painting.

2013 -2017:  Permanent Exhibition: Water Coffee El Médano, Tenerife

2014: Room Playroom: Town Hall of Barcelona The Clot

2010-2017: Alternative Markets

2010-2011: The Tower, Cap Negret, Ibiza

2017: Santana Art Gallery - Madrid. "Cervantes and Don Quixote are still riding"


2013-2017: permanent online exposure, sales throughout Europe and the US. Address: www/Facebook/mercedescasgitierrez

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