My name is Miriam. I feel a lot and I make art. For a long time I have painted for myself, now I would like to continue doing it for others, because it gives me joy.

It is said that when a person looks at the stars it is as if he wanted to find his own dimension dispersed in the universe.
- Salvador Dalí

Here, I think that such a thing happens when we listen to a music or a sound that we like, or when we see a work of art or an image that catches our eye.
There are medicines hidden in sounds and colors, ancient and at the same time new and future cures that can expand the spirit and touch the heart.
This is what I feel happening even when I paint (or sing, or dance, or write). It happens in a profound place that I have learned to listen to. It is a place that we all have, whether we know it or not.
It is a place of lightness and love, presence and trust, and sometimes it is enough to put a little light in it to find it.

For almost ten years I have been in contact with and studying art (and spirituality, for me connected) in various fields: cinema, theater, singing, contact improvsation and practices of movement and proprioception, writing and painting.

In this way I was able to deepen something that has always fascinated me and I feel it belongs to me as a language within different artistic fields: the creative process. And what most characterizes the creative process, not only in painting but in all the disciplines that I have encountered, is a profound listening to what, in the Invisible, is inside and around us.

I believe in the healing power of art. It may not heal a broken leg, but it can soothe a hardened heart. It may not cure a bee sting, but it can help calm intrusive thoughts. It may not take that back pain away from you, but it can nourish your soul and give it the information it needs to shine again. And who knows, then maybe even that back pain will ease a little.

Because we are not separate, we are not either mind or heart, or soul or body, we are not either only in the visible or only in the invisible. It's all here, it's all together. I believe in the healing power of art, because it reminds us that it is all together, we are all together, it is all connected in an invisible that is not so distant, and if you want you can put light on it to see.

If you want to ask me something or want a Vibrant Picture (watercolor series on 300g paper), a Galaxy (watercolors on 320g cotton paper) or a Personalized Painting just for you, you can call me or write to me at [email protected]: a name will be enough for me and a date of birth to create something unique for the person it is intended for!

A vibrant hug
With love,