Miro Gianola

info: +39 3402672751

painter and sculptor, born in Castellamonte in 1939. For him decisive, during the training period, the meeting with Adolfo Merlone, next to which the stoneware works in industry of refractory Saccer brothers Casari in Castellamonte. 

The "Big Animals" with a strong expressive power, will be presented at the Old Bridge Gallery in Ivrea in 1966.

In the variant of "zoomorphic vases" still reach Vallauris, edited by Enzo Biffi Gentili.

Actually the show debut was already happened, since 1961, in the climate of Olivetti Community.

Constant is his participation in the exhibition of ceramic Castellamonte.

In painting, in addition to belonging to the Pippo Russo's Scuderia Viotti in Turin, arrive the success in 1980 with the retrospective exhibition at the region of Piedmont in Turin, with the cycle of "Great Pies" visited by a surreal feather.

The works of this period were also presented abroad, especially in Germany.

His watercolors (awarded in Verbania, Urbino and Fabriano) are quick notations of the landscape, especially in the creek ogre, who is calm restless.

The recording has been exposed to floodwater Ferranda Tower in 2003.

The expected return to ceramics, alongside the clay figures, inspired according to Luisa Perro "Street-Style", modeling of large clay figures, placed in Piazza del Canavese, Ivrea (the orangeries) and Bollengo (Monument to Joseph Saragat).

Partecipa al premio Vittorio Sgarbi