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Born in Arezzo in March 1983 to a family partly Florentine and partly Sienese, I became passionate about art thanks to my grandfather, a great collector and enthusiast, over the years by his side I was able to visit and get to know many artists, first and foremost the great Giuseppe Chiari. 

After an eventful past, traveling the world as a motorcycle racer , my life suddenly changes because of a health problem due to past injuries . This event brings me back, despite the loss of my grandfather, to approach art. 

It is only through painting that I am able to get out of a dark and suffering period, every day my obsession grows, my thoughts every moment of the day are turned to painting and studying away my physical and psychological suffering. 

I can say " art has saved me " in fact only thanks to it I am able to replace a loss of hope in a future without ordeals with a new sap , which every day feeds and nourishes me . 

Always reluctant to be conformed I identify myself in the fly , from where my stage name Moscolo in acronym "MOS" originates . , Plutarch himself identifies it in indocility, since it does not tolerate being domesticated or touched, despite being in contact with man. Homer and Lucian, define the fly by the term bold or impudent, shameless with the sad record of tirelessly tormenting even at the cost of its own life.

My works change following my state of mind. Abstract figures , puzzles and provocations characterize my works , born to immortalize my thought , my soul , my torment . 

Predominantly born from acrylic , they grow enriched with the continuation of other media , instinctively painting my hand follows my heart and thoughts estranging me from reality .

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