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Artist and graphic designer
Paola Montanaro born in Massafra on January 10, 1969 under the good star of art and creativity. With the passion for photography and photography, he undertook purely scientific studies. Interest in reality, with its infinite forms and possibilities, goes through the study of science and nature, but finds in the graphic creation the way to grow. This time the vector graphics software is the reality interpretation tool: since 1998 she has been working as an advertising graphic to give way to his creative vein.

In Paola's illustrations the line is interpreted by different instruments: with digital graphics, the artist plumbles the ductility of the line by capturing the intensity of a feline look or the expressiveness of a face. With Vector Illustrations colors and interprets the faces through hard lines and net spaces with full and vibrant colors. With the magazine paper that  reuses in collages, the line has a new decisive character, made of material imperfections with unusual facets and possibilities.

The collage is in fact the ultimate portrayal of the artist, a safe harbor in which to disperse light refractions, color shades and sinuous lines of subjects: a new artistic container that moves in synchronous harmony, creativity, Passion and beauty. With an eye on pop art, the artist's works overlook the landscape of contemporary art.
Particular attention is paid to eco-sustainability: the paper of old newspapers and magazines finds new use in collage, which lives alongside on the canvas, even on totems and recycled graphic displays.
Collage becomes an experience that has an action that is contrary to previously created works but has a doubled communicative strength. Then art combines art, in a unique composition.

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