Romano Tomassini was born in Narni on 9 January 1953. He was at the Art School in Rome, and then attended the School of Architecture at the University La Sapienza. In those years he collect numerous collaborations with magazines widely disseminated. Since 1972 he carried out the illustrations for "Science and the Unknown", a magazine of parapsychology and occultism, directed by Leo Talamonti. He worked also for Rosi's famous study of Rome, drawing comic strips, and took part in trials of music-theater. He used to play sax and flute, flew through the skies in a glider, and sailed the seas with his yawl, Huntress, now docked in Fiumicino. He is an architect, but since the '90s, he began to grips with the technique of watercolor painting, particularly poetic but hard to master.