Salvo Distefano born in Rosolini (SR) 3 May 1967. Soon after, due to the father's job transfer, the family moved to Gela where he remained for some time until the first years of university, after which he returned to home town. Although her work was inherent to the IT field, his mind, not rational, finds inspiration in the study of the great painting and especially in manual reading of Caravaggio regarded by the largest representative among them. She begins the first steps by portraying what is part of his life, his past inspired by French impressionism treated in a modern way. He is delighted to call himself "a dauber of canvases while the artists are quite another thing!" But despite his humility, still unable to understand that his dirty cloths can transmit those vibrations which he feels in the moment that he paints. Precisely for this reason that which is born as a time to relax and then be cut out in his spare time, it became more and more a moment of everyday life.

In 2016, driven by the chromatic dynamism of Guido Carlucci, I approach the Sensorialismo Materico. Being able to see the color, the material, in a wider dimension, to involve and combine all 5 senses have given me the perception of freedom to express what I feel inside. In this artistic movement I found my artist's size

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