I am born on 14.04.1955 in Bolzano and I lived in Vipiteno until I was twenty. In 1975 I moved permanently to Garda (VR) on Garda Lake. My father was a photographer and I learn to him the art of recognizing the strength of the colors, expressions and emotions of a beautiful image.

As a teenager I devoted to oil painting, to then completely abandon my passion.

From 2013 to 2019 I attended the courses of the “Garda Arte” School and participated in the group exhibitions organized by the School.

Largely self-taught, I got always been interested in the art and the curiosity pushes me continually to experiment new techniques. My works are always evolving and never static on a unique theme. I space in various typology, depending on my mood and instinct of the moment. The creative abstract or the conceptual abstract tend to be my favorite way where my instinct finds its outlet. I often work without a plan and see where takes me the brush or whatever tool I decide to use. My mind tells me: "Just do it".

I live and work in Albisano of Torri del Benaco. Don't worry, ring the bell, my house is always open and a glass of prosecco is always ready! Just do it!!!