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My name is Sergio Formisano (aka Formis) and I have been in business for 30 years. 
Versatile, I love to create everything that excites me.
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Sergio Formisano (aka Formis), is a contemporary artist, in business for 30 years. Born in Portici in 1963 where he lived and worked until 1997. Undoubtedly Campania is a land of painters with pure, innate talent. Portici has given birth to many great masters who, then in the studio have disciples of undisputed talent. Formis, in this context, has a precise place, relevant and with right. Since then there have been several exhibitions of the artist in his region of origin, during this time he worked at an art gallery in Naples, achieving great satisfaction. He moved to various cities, including Florence, where he continued to produce new works; in 2001, for business reasons he moved to the Marche region, Urbania, in the province of Pesaro Urbino, another land of famous artists of the present and the past. His paintings are solar compositions characterized by the rhythm, just modulated, of form and colors, through which he concretizes his emotions, communicating them to the viewer. Overlapping freely, the colors stimulate his imagination, allowing more intimate and inner discourses with himself and the world, especially in landscapes and figures. The description seems transfigured by the poetry, by the immediate chromatic combination, while looking for the reality of the images that he tells with passion and transport. The suggestion is obtained by combining uniform backgrounds of colors alternating with transparent shades, which fill the atmosphere of suspension and mystery. There are many aspects of his painting, many techniques, all of which show Formis' excellent eclectic aptitudes and his skill in passing from one genre to another with different techniques, always with casual ability. To his credit he has sold paintings both domestically ans abroad.

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