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Tino Cavagnoli, class 1954. innate gift for drawing, continues the educational preparation in Milan at the Brera Art School and the School of Applied Arts Industry of the Castello Sforzesco in Milan. The address has undertaken activities aimed at commercial and advertising Publishing Industry, beginning to publish works at 17, with the publisher Sansoni Milan. Then by holding its own graphic studio, continues the publication of material for numerous newspapers, publishing houses and Record Labels. The predominant sector, illustrations and layout of magazines also with tasks in the Art Direction. Sporadic and insignificant, forays into the actual painting until he moved to Sardinia in 2011. Since then, the pictorial production experienced a significant increase in production, also setting up solo and group exhibitions in various localities of the island and in Milan. In addition, the project to realize, in the cradle wall par excellence, several murals is achieved with satisfaction.

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