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Tiziana Federico, an emerging painter, was born in Palermo where she lives and works as a merchant.

 Since she was a child she developed a strong artistic inclination since she was born into a family of artists who became passionate about painting and drawing. He studied at the State School of Art in Palermo where his technique was refined and his passion increased ... he dedicated himself with love to art.

 In 1999 she began her career as a merchant (she opened a business in the clothing sector) and was unable to devote herself entirely to painting, as work did not leave her enough time to paint. After 16 years it resumes in full swing because it is driven by a strong passion for art.

Tiziana paints mainly portraits in a modern style, as in a magical world that narrates her moods with bright colors and soft lines, creates rich and exciting human portraits, leaving them with an expression that expresses her inner romantic and sentimental being, transmitting to the observer all his love and emotion of the soul.

 His works are aimed at a modern public that loves art in all its forms and styles.

 Painting is the expression of the soul of every painter.
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Personal Exhibitions - Palermo - 2000/2003

 Participation in video projection at La THUILLIER Art Gallery - PARIS - 15/06/2019

Publication of ART NOW magazine - March/ April II 2019

 International participation at the SWISSARTEXPO Fair in ZURICH 15-19/"08/2019 Switzerland 

collectives  exhibition at Artbox Gallery of Zurich  September and November  2019 

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