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Born in Romania on August 1, 1987, she spent her first years in her native country. He then moved to Italy, reuniting with the family after years of distant.

There has always been an artistic inclination that has led her in time to seek her perfection. Paper and pencil were his "best friends" in the long life span. Lines, colors, shades and surfaces are the "daily bread"; without it the mental monotony would overpower.

There was no real training course. Ideology, creation and techniques are self-taught, while studying the history of art and understanding it was fundamental.

For a time there was a detachment with art interrupted then events that marked it deeply. Often the question is whether we can please, finding it easier to hide the importance of their thinking by giving excessive weight to the interlocutor, the eye of the person watching.

Art makes man a mystery, and, man does the art of will.

The bond with art and the search for one's own "IO" means that there is no difference between the surfaces because it is in it: what the mind says the hand does.

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