Autumn impressions

by Franco Volpi

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Trionfo d'autunno (Autumn Triumph), a hymn to the infinite and playful combinations of colours, nuances and interpretations that Nature offers the viewer. As in a session of jazz music, sublime and unpredictable, where the virtuoso touches of the artist Franco Volpi draw an infinite sonata, of wide and multicoloured breath. Soft, subtle brushstrokes alternating with quick, dense touches of the spatula, in a feverish and generous story told through images.

A mountain path opens out into a crowd of trees, the guardians of a forest of a thousand varieties. High-pitched tones alternate with deep voices. A kaleidoscope of lights and colours, from the blues to the purples and blues of the path to the yellows, yellow-oranges and reds of the foliage in the foreground caressed by the sunlight penetrating from above, passing through softer shades of green and orange on the left to arrive at the veil of the sky, the background to this pictorial mise-en-scène of articulated colouristic vision.

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