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"Even if fear will have more and more arguments, you choose hope"

Breath of life, breath of the soul.
"Discover the joy of being together,
the welcome and the warmth ...
What is love?
As impalpable as it is real.
Like a breath it creeps into the soul and takes care of it.
No more loneliness but belonging:
to themselves and not to others,
to life and not to something. "
                Taken from the poem "Soffio" by Carmen Besana

Light and impalpable feathers are a symbol, as in the Egyptian myths of Maat or Celtic of Morrigan, of the means to reach the way of the spirit, where our true being resides and where to draw the energy to walk the ways of life.
the background made with palette knife, material, wrinkled, rough like the harsh human life contrasts with the delicate and light spiritual dimension.

It is my habit to associate a phrase or an aphorism to my works that enhance their meaning, in this case I entrusted myself to Seneca.

The painting is made with a palette knife and brush, on French canvas, the edges are painted and does not require a frame. If you want to buy an original painting, aesthetically beautiful but also meaningful I think this is a good example.

It is a unique piece with authenticity certificate drawn up by myself.

In the case of shipping, I generally rely on the TNT courier who has always guaranteed an excellent standard of quality.

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