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I was born in Giussano in the north of Italy, near Como’s Lake, in 1971 and I did technical studies with a specialization in electronics during which I studied technical drawing and the rules of perspective.
Art and philosophy have always fascinated me, I love music and for a period of my life I devoted myself to the guitar. But graphic arts are my favorite form of communication.
I first dedicated myself to photography, which gave me the knowledge of the rules for good composition, and then I moved on to painting in 2001.
 The passion for color led me to join the association "la Bottega dell’arte" in Missaglia in 2006 where I was able to deepen the techniques of pencil and charcoal drawing and develop oil and acrylic painting.
My first exhibition of oil paintings was in 2008, followed by many others, among which I had the honor of being able to include the Louvre museum in Paris.
I also had the pleasure of making the illustrations of the book "Riflessi" by the poet Carmen Besana published by Montedit.
The center of my painting is always the colors that I love alive and expressive. In my vaguely surreal settings I always love to insert a message that is food for thought, in fact I believe that art can be considered as such only if, in addition to conveying beauty and harmony, it also suggests a theme that the author proposes so that it can be developed by observer.

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•    2008        Premio l’Arcobaleno                              Besana Brianza
•    2009        Premio l’Arcobaleno                              Bevera di Sirtori
•    2011        Esposizione artisti medesi                  Meda
•    2012         19-20 Maggio Arte in fiore                  Garden Ikebana Missaglia
•    2012        8-16 Settembre 36° premio di pittura Circolo don Rinaldo Beretta  Robbiano
•    2012        8-9 Dicembre Garden Ikebana            Missaglia
•    2013        25-27 Ottobre Carrousel du Louvre  Parigi
•    2013        30 Novembre-1 Dicembre Garden Ikebana     Missaglia
•    2014        14 gennaio-12 febbraio Green Islad Pub  Nibionno
•    2014         20-30 Giugno MIIT  scambi d’arte Italia-U.S.A.  Torino
•    2015        30 maggio-7 giugno 100 artisti X l’EXPO  Sotto il Monte
•    2015        17-31 Ottobre Concorso Varvello arte in tavola presso EXPO Milano
•    2015         05-08 Dicembre  Garden Ikebana     Missaglia
•    2016        23 Ottobre Scomparti-Moduli di arti contemporanee, Lariofiere      Erba (CO)
•    2017        8-10 Dicembre        Garden Ikebana Missaglia
•    2018        4-18 Novembre  Rassegna nazionale d’arte pittorica Giussano villa Sartirana
•    2018        7-9 Dicembre            Garden Ikebana Missaglia
•    2019        23 Giugno            Le vie dell’arte  Missaglia
•    2019        6-8 Dicembre            Garden Ikebana Missaglia

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