I would like it to be said that it is mine

by Maurizio D'andrea

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Great instinct that drives a whirlwind of strong, intense, troubled emotions. Emotions like colors that intertwine, mingle, emerge and then return to the bottom. It almost seems to glimpse a vortex that sucks and attracts everything to itself without allowing to escape. But the struggle will allow it to emerge this time as well: the circle that represents the solution seems to want to hide itself but it is there, it is present once again. It is there to give hope to come out even from a violent whirlwind of forces that seem to pull at itself with violence and without leaving escape.

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Maurizio D'andrea

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  1. Simona Novello
    Apr 10, 2021, 5:26:12 PM

    Complimenti per il tuo capolavoro d'arte!

  2. Simona Novello
    Apr 10, 2021, 5:25:01 PM

    Mare e cielo mescolano i loro colori in un turbinoso abbraccio denso di emozioni e di energia, creando un vortice tridimensionale attraversando il quale si oltrepassa l'orizzonte, si superano spazio e tempo e si trova la vera vita.

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