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I am a self-taught artist and I paint mostly everything that inspires me, I have a weakness for glass and all transparency in general, but I paint a lot in the wake of my emotions. I like it very much I love the color black and white
Every time I have to communicate something I do with painting and the form of female figures, generally in black and white with a touch of color to the emotion of the moment properly. In this painting I wanted but 'be a thrill for me very strong ...... seems a simple picture but behind it hides the pain and suffering of a father who has lived reality' of a hospital resuscitation ...... ...... .dello fright ...... and just to get rid of this pain that I wanted to represent my son ...... so by painting a work for him ... .tornato hospital healthy and healed ... ..perso in his world of child while doing the most natural thing in the world ... ..giocare ... .A half smile ripped from the game with a boat of leaves. The only person in the world that has the power to make me smile and move .TI I love Ivan
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Clode Clode

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