Jimi Hendrix's Scream

by Luca Federici

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Tribute to Jimi Hendrix

In the image taken from a concert it seems that Jimi is singing aloud, in reality at that moment it is his electric guitar that screams for him, because in that precise moment they are one. Jimi was something of an alien, an extraordinary being, rightly considered the greatest guitarist of all time.

Screen printing. Monoprint (45.2 x 65 cm) on white Murillo Fabriano cardboard 360 g / m2, 100% Cellulose (50 x 70 cm). Limited edition: 4/16 Monoprints. The pictorial effect was obtained using a small screen printing squeegee like a palette knife to paint and pouring more colors on the frame; in particular the colors, in a chiaroscuro function, were used to emphasize the subject. Slightly misregistered prints, small smudges and uneven ink deposits are purely intentional. For the work 4 screen printing frames were used.

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