Kan's Chess

by Dilame

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Returning from his last mission, Polo found the Kan waiting for him in front of a chessboard. In a gesture he invited him to sit in front of him and describe, with the help of chess, the cities he had visited. He thought :  " If every city is like a game of chess, the day I get to know the rules I will finally own my Empire, even if I will never be able to know all the cities it contains."  Kublai was a careful chess player. But now it was the game's reason for him. The end of each game is a loss or a win: but what?.... By disposing of his conquests to reduce them to their essence, Kublai had arrived at the extreme operation: the ultimate conquest, of which the multifaceted treasures of the Empire were but illusory wrappers that boiled down to a piece of planed wood: nothing .....

[ To "update" the figures of Marco Polo and Gran Kan I was inspired by the colors and some figures of the film Matrix ]

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