Love story

by Federica E Loris

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Juliet: "Oh! How did you get in here? And to what end? The walls that surround this garden are difficult, and almost inaccessible; and the place where you are will be your grave, if any of mine surprises you". Romeo: "With the wings of love I crossed the height of those walls, because there is no barrier to the overbearing love: everything that love can tempt, love dares; so I had no regard for yours when I came here"...
(William Shakespeare: Romeo and Juliet. Act II° scene II°)

"The passionate and heartbreaking story of Romeo and Juliet, born from the imagination of William Shakespeare - but based on a place that really existed - revolves around some precise symbolic topoi: the poignant tragedy, eternal love, apparently insurmountable obstacles that nothing can, in the face of a disruptive feeling. However, it is also based on a precise physical topos, in this case a balcony, in the central Via Cappello 23 in Verona, where the famous Juliet's house is located: a balcony that has universally become symbol of the overwhelming force of feelings, archetype of perfect love, even if opposed by a dull society."


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