"Salus populi suprema lex esto" ... "The safety of persons is the supreme law" ...

by Marcella Molea

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"Salus populi suprema lex esto" ... "The safety of persons is the supreme law" ... Already in De Officiis [1.106-115] Cicero talked about the "dignitas" to indicate an intrinsic quality of Man ... Atque enim, yes consider volemus, quae sit in natura hominis excellentia et dignitas, intellegemus, quam sit turpe diffluere luxuria et delicate ac molliter to live ... Respect above all for life and freedom - rights violated and trampled on without interruption today - were cornerstones of law of ancient Rome ... expressly protected through a system of sacredness and inviolability connected with the institution of the plebeian tribunal ... the right to observe the laws in force ... the right to judicial protection ... the right to "provocatio ad populum" which limiting the coercive powers of the magistrate attributed to the citizen a precise guarantee of his personal freedom against the excesses of judicial "coercion" and legislative and judicial decisions in general ... 

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