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Scyila and Cariddi were two nymphs that, for different reasons, were transformed into monsters by the gods. Scyila had six heads and lived in a cave on the opposite side of Cariddi, a monster that sucked water from the sea and blew it so violently on ships passing through the Strait of Messina until it was wrecked. According to Homer, Ulysses preferred to pass closer to Scyila, while, according to Virgil, when he found himself passing by Aeneas, even though Scyila had already been turned into a rock, he could not prevent Cariddi from damaging some of his ships.

In my painting I decided to bring back the passage of Aeneas, with Scylla now harmless, transformed into a rock, and with Cariddi still imposing, overlooking the Strait and sucking the ships into its vortex.

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