"She is like salt"

by Margherita Coralluzzo

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As for those who have understood the value of every single life that comes into the world, so is the way in which Chiara approaches life giving it flavor, exquisitely with her own joy, the desire to be amazed by the many wonders that Mother Earth offers to humanity. . Life would be tasteless if it lacked the right amount of salt that spurs the "will" to know it, rediscovering it through distant yet unexplored countries, even if you live in Chiara's imagination. In the eyes of colors who have to tell her their own cultures, traditions, and above all those "flavors" that Chiara feels like a vocation to be disclosed, to belong. Chiara has the right pinch of salt that helped her to feed her dream, building it diligently with her linguistic studies, and rolling up her sleeves with jobs of all kinds, a brick day after day. Filling yourself with the knowledge of someone, something or place, is in itself a salt that provides the life of the human being with the ability to relate to others, learning to live in harmony with the different peculiarities of both. Salt is what makes the difference in knowing how to live in communion with one another. The challenge is, in fact, to be able to coexist, share any difference with the other, complementing each other, while remaining faithful to each one, to themselves. That flavor of openness to the people who meet on their journey as does Chiara, who today travels giving salt with her amiable kindness in the heart of those who live next to her, and tomorrow at the center of the human heart of the whole world.

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