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Painting made for A's 60th birthday.

Giving someone a Personalized Peinting means more than just giving a painting with colors. Each contains what can sustain and nourish the soul of the person who receives it (but not just theirs).

The realization of each work is a discovery, an experiment listening to an invisible guide who patiently shows you the way.

Starting a new painting is like embarking on an adventure. Where will it take me? What will I find out? What secrets will the colors reveal? Which of them will want to be born? It is like exploring lands not yet touched by human hands (or feet) and during the journey you get dirty, sweat, lose moments and find each other and in the end, when the work is finished, only then do you realize that there is Other, compared to what you felt along the way.

Here the canvas begins to reveal the messages it contains. Sometimes it takes patience, days, months ... but of one thing I'm sure: they arrive. The messages all come. They arrive where they need to go, that is to the heart, and they do it with clarity and simplicity, as does water, which flows by the shortest and simplest way to get where it wants to go.

Maybe the mind doesn't grasp all this, but it doesn't matter: it's another language. The energetic one, of vibration. The heart and soul understand this well.

This painting is called "Spirit", and was made as a gift for A.


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