Tempi Gloriosi

by Middle Art (audrey)

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Taranto is the city where I born in 1980.

It's in the south of Italy, in Puglia And It' s a city whose foundation is linked to myths and legends.

Among them there's one in particular that I find extraordinary.
I 've studied it and, draft after draft, l painted this work in which I called" Glorious Times - Tempi Gloriosi ".
I painted of Falanto, Etra and the oracle of Delphi.
- "How many chances I have to find Taranto?"
- "When It will rain from clear sky, you will conquer territory and cities."
So the oracle looked at him and declared the future to Falanto.
He departed from Sparta with his men and his wife Etra.
The months passed so long, more than expected and Falanto ended up surrendering to travel fatigue and discouragement.
For the first time, Etra saw her husband desperate and because of it, she cried.
Falanto remembered the oracle's prophecy and knew that it was coming the true: Etra, from the greek "clear sky", was crying.
Taranto today remains divided between myths, legends and steel industry reality that if the oracle had predicted, might have led to another conclusion.

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