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I'm Adriana. This is me. 
"We don't see things as they are but as we are." 
I'm curious about everything that brings fresh air and change in my life. 
I play with different materials (including coffee and wine) and I experiment with new points of views and colors. Create and recycle to give new life to objects that seemed exhausted. 
Since I was a child, I delight in writing and the visual arts. They are those "good things" happened without a rational reason but which fill me and surprise me. 
I don't come from artistic studies and I never attended courses to learn the techniques but I have always tried, invested time, care and attention to improve myself and making my paints less "dirty." I like to call "rock artist and fluid" as with my tools and instruments, I try to comunicate my reality, which to me appears deformed.
I love art freely understood and I let my thoughts take the shape and the life they want on the canvas. This allows me to explore the imagination, express myself with the imagination, out of the box without having the duty to respect them. Absolutely fluid and unruly. I have always worked in my privacy because it would be appropriate to a professional growth path before "show me" to the public. A year ago I "broke the silence" and I decided to start to publish my work because, now, for me it's important to the external criticism, that are unconditional and teach a lot. So I decided to participate in exhibitions. Last summer ended with a receipt acknowledgment for the "Intreccio di vite", an oil on canvas 60x70 which tells, in a double analysis, the ecstasy generated between the screw meeting.

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So...  I'm just a strange Sagittarius ... :-) 

About my creative spirit I have already spoken in the "biography" .. here I talk about my rationalily, that accompanied me to a training exclusively technique in commercial expert diploma, post-graduate studies in law and in the UNI EN ISO certifications. 
I have reserved the same fate To the professional experiences. I believe that these choices are about my characteristics of the discipline and organization. 
I'm self-critical and ironic. I love playing with my limits and my weaknesses, and I challenge that I accept, I have drawn the greatest lessons. 
In free time I dedicate myself to outdoor sports like jogging: I like to observe the changing landscape, I feel naturally attracted to the surprises of the route and objectives evolving. And then there's "the Yoga Lady". 
In my imagination it' s a beautiful woman, strong and smiling. 
In short, this is me.
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