The Popess

by Chiara Ceddia

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This artwork is inspired by "The Popess" card of the Tarot, positioned as number 2 among the Major Arcana. Its focal point is indeed a High Priestess, a figure exuding mystery, power, and spirituality. Clad in royal garments and richly adorned ornaments, the Popess emits an aura of ancestral wisdom and authority, wearing a cross around her neck, symbolizing spirituality and divine protection. Her penetrating, deep, and wise gaze captivates the viewer, conveying a sense of discernment and profound understanding. Behind her, a mystical atmosphere is evoked by the sunbeams surrounding her, representing the divine element that watches over and protects from above, while the intense and vibrant colors in the background contribute to creating a magical and enveloping atmosphere. This artwork invites the viewer to immerse themselves in the eyes of the Popess, inviting exploration of the mysteries of the human soul through her powerful representation.


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