by Elena Bindi

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Poplar table 1 cm high, finished by a light wood profile with back hook ready to hang. 

The work was made for the 750 years since Giotto’s birth and it was presented at the exhibition "The 7 elements" in The badia a Moscheta near Florence, in  which the number 7 represents the number of past centuries. 

It’s a modern and abstract reworking of Giotto’s painting and its colours. The Golden Moon is a tribute to Giotto’s famous O and the background evokes the  blue of his frescoes that, having been "dusted" by pastel, almost recalls a wall ​ surface. I think of the beautiful Chapel of the Scrovegni or the frescoes of Santa  Croce. 

This painting has also been included in the catalogue "Paths of Art. Artistic evolution and new trends" (Asba editions, publication May 2019). 

It’s a unique piece of which there are no copies or reproductions. Upon request I can attach a certificate of authenticity.

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