by Elena Bindi

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Poplar table 1 cm high finished by white wooden profile and rear hook ready to hang. 

The Nordic atmospheres have a certain charm on me and remind me of the experiences I had in Belgium when I was teaching at a high school in the  capital. At the time, on a February day, I was very impressed by a trip to the  North Sea. The beach covered by snow, the leaden sky, the sea that reflected its  greyness and a cold wind that hinted at a storm. I was fascinated by this  landscape and I wanted to immortalize those memories. 

The work has been included in the collection of contemporary art edited by Asba editions, May 2019 issue entitled "Paths of Art. Artistic evolution and new trends". 

It’s a unique piece of which there are no copies or reproductions. Upon request I can attach a certificate of authenticity.

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  1. Home Art Gallery Alfredo Brasioli
    Sep 28, 2020, 1:54:20 PM

    Un mare livido, dal lento sommesso e vasto movimento con un cielo che ci lo accarezza in un contatto immenso...estremo, come il Mare del Nord! L'altra sensazione Ê il profumo avvolgente e totale...


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