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Look at me, stop, know me. He is Marco a child with Down syndrome and autism spectrum, my second son. Knowing the name of a person allows you to create a relational approach with the other, before the wall of inexplicable fears can divide reason from the heart. "Look at me" sheds light on the importance of stopping and building a relationship with others. Once you have overcome any kind of embarrassment, fear, prejudice, someone's name gives you the identity of the person in front of you and who needs to be looked at, listened to like anyone else. A person with feelings, desires, their own abilities and skills, will to live and be loved for what they are and not as we would like or imagine them to be. Marco continually suggests this type of visual attention, to communicate to the world his "Look at me" I am here, I think, I want, I love, I suffer, I am afraid, I am like you, I can do this and that, I am happy, I am here as you are walking together on the roads of life.

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