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Watercolor, woman portrait, neck, ooak, one of a kind, original drawing.

Watercolor on Cornwall, Hahnemuhle paper 450 g./m2 (210 ibs.)

Dim. 24 x 32 cm./9,4 x 12,6 Inc. 

Year: 2016.

Wall art, living, bedroom, living room, lounge, etc.

Gift idea, birthday, anniversary, wedding, mother's day, Christmas, etc.

The drawing will come wrapped in protective plastic, and provided with a certificate of guarantee you authenticity'.

Always free shipping.

Delivery time

Italia: Posta 1 prioritaria - 1 business day.

For other countries: international postapriority

Europe: 4/5 business days about.

America: 5/6 business days about.

Other countries: 7/9 days business about.

The actual colors may be slightly different on other computer/monitors calibration.

I love nature at 360 degrees: flowers, animals, human bodies; their shapes, lines and colors, their harmony, their simplicity and elegance. Above all, I love capturing hidden details that nobody can see that convey the true beauty, the eternal and sacred.

After working for 14 years in a call center and not be at all happy, in 2014, I decided to make a change in my life for me and for my loved ones and to do full time what makes me really happy: do mom and paint! It 's not easy by an economic point of view but sometimes you need a little courage to pursue your dreams!

I studied art history, drawing, oil painting, watercolor, stained glass, decorative painting and mosaic, I also attended many workshops portraitsy models from life ... I still continue to study and practice nearly every day.

My works are all unique, exclusive pieces ... and I like to think they're going to beautify homes and brighten days of people who love art and originality like me!

Thank you for visiting my shop, please do not hesitate to ask any questions or curiosity.

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