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Efrem Favetta was born in Spilimbergo, Italy on July 30 1994.

In his young age he completed his high school studies in 2013 obtaining a high school diploma in information technologies at I.T.S.T. J.F. Kennedy Institute in Pordenone (Italy). In 2015 he finished his studies receiving a diploma in high level technologies for software systems development methodologies in the area of integrated applications on mobile devices at I.T.S. J.F. Kennedy Institute in Pordenone (Italy).

Since the young age he kept on cultivating his appreciation for the great masters of oil paintings on canvas and in particular the use of informal and abstract forms. In 2016 come the idea to resume a past-time art form, started when he was in elementary school, characterized by the use of a simple line or lines to create a design pattern. His first practival approach came when he was 21 years old, living in Granada (Spain) where he realized an artwork of over 100.000 lines on a 2x3 mt vertical surface.

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