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I was born (in Genoa), I still live (always in Genoa) and I hope to die having concluded something good for me (not only in Genoa up on). I did not go to art schools, unfortunately for reasons not dependent on me, but I am self-taught and everything I know how to do I learned by reading and documenting myself. Favorite techniques (Watercolor, watercolor pencils, pencils and acrylics, occasionally charcoals and pyrography) Programs used: Photoshop and Sketchbook pro, I used Manga Studio for a while. Inspiration: everything, role-playing games in the first place, sometimes sports or movies (especially if in costume). Passions: one page would not be enough, I have too many but the two that stand out above all are visual art and the history of fashion (of which I have a good collection of books that deal with it). I came across Urban Sketching years ago and I started to deepen, with little success given the commitments and the impossibility of stopping to draw, but I discovered I switched to sketch journaling, thanks perhaps also to the period of forced seclusion during the emergency. COVID-19.

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I won some school competitions but, due to personal character and inclinations, I gave up participating in other competitions for a long time. I have always drawn and painted for personal passion, daring to exhibit four times: two in Genoa and two in Florence. The first exhibition in Genoa "experimentations of an eclectic" was personal, it was held two weeks in June in Boccadasse, Genoa. The second exhibition was in Florence, entitled "Contemporary Woman", together with two other artists. The third exhibition, also in Florence but in the center, was together with various artists, in December, but the completely broken picture came home to me. The last exhibition, at the Satura art gallery in Genoa, was a collective one. I haven't exhibited for years. In the meantime I participated, and won, the 2016 teachers competition and at the moment I teach art in primary schools trying to convey to children the passion for sketch journaling and urban sketching trying to teach them to draw using doodles.

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