I was born (in Genoa), I still live (always in Genoa) and I hope to die having concluded something good for me (not only in Genoa up on). I did not go to art schools, unfortunately for reasons not dependent on me, but I am self-taught and everything I know how to do I learned by reading and documenting myself. Favorite techniques (Watercolor, watercolor pencils, pencils and acrylics, occasionally charcoals and pyrography) Programs used: Photoshop and Sketchbook pro, I used Manga Studio for a while. Inspiration: everything, role-playing games in the first place, sometimes sports or movies (especially if in costume). Passions: one page would not be enough, I have too many but the two that stand out above all are visual art and the history of fashion (of which I have a good collection of books that deal with it). I came across Urban Sketching years ago and I started to deepen, with little success given the commitments and the impossibility of stopping to draw, but I discovered I switched to sketch journaling, thanks perhaps also to the period of forced seclusion during the emergency. COVID-19.