Olga Silivanchyk

Born in Minsk, Belarus, on 2 March 1980.

Since 2013 she lives in Italy, in Rome.

She has always painted. In 2003 her works were seen and appreciated by the iconographer Andrey Kosikov, who invited her to work and study in his icon lab. From that moment she began to discover the secrets of iconographic technique.

In the same year she began taking lessons in painting, drawing and composition by the Belarusian painter Nikolai Kupava.

In 2004 she was accepted into the State Fine Art College of Minsk, named at A.K. Glebov, in the Faculty of Painting, where she studied the tradition of academic painting.

In 2008 she graduated with the qualification of "Painter, Teacher".

From 2008 to 2009 she attended the Iconography School at the Monastery of St. Elisaveta in Minsk.

For her works she uses the following techniques: oil on canvas, egg tempera on board, ink.

She also has experience in restoration and painting on walls.

Olga Silivanchyk's paintings are the expression of a language linked to the figurative tradition, but reinterpreted in a deeply personal and modern key.

From 2008 to 2010 she was a teacher of painting, classical design and composition, at the State School of Art N41 in Minsk.

Since 2013 she teaches in Rome.

The artist's works are present in private collections in the following countries: Italy, France, Czech Republic, England, Switzerland, Israel, USA, Canada, New Zealand, Thailand, China, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Germany, Lebanon, Sweden, Portugal.

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