"Images, Sounds and Flavors of the East", cultural association "Matrioska", Rome (2014).

Personal painting exhibition, municipality of Castel Gandolfo (2015).

"Urban Atmospheres", cultural association "Coloni", Pomezia (2017).

"Urban Atmospheres meets the colors of the soul", Frammenti d'arte gallery, Rome (2017).

"Urban Atmospheres", Area Contesa gallery, Rome (2018).

"Torvajanica on the paintings of Olga Silivanchyk", Torvaianica theater hall (2019)

"The hands of the earth - The values of the sea", City Museum of Pomezia (2021).

"Simple things" personal exhibition, Il Laboratorio gallery, Rome (2023)


From 2004 to 2009: “Christmas Art Fair” in Minsk.

2007: Modern Art Competition in Vitebsk, Belarus.

2008: Group exhibition "Colors of Spring", Minsk, Belarus.

2015: "ArtExpo Metropolis 2", Rome.

2016: Rome. 102nd, 103rd, 104th edition "100 Painters via Margutta".

2016: Palestrina. International en plein air painting competition.

2016: Florence. "Contemporaries in the city of Uffizi", modern art collective, Publisher - EA.

2017: Rome. Collective "Contemporaries in the Bramante Rooms", EA

2017: Milan. Arte Milano Prize curated by Vittorio Sgarbi.

2017: Berlin, Modern and Contemporary Art Collective. EA

2018: Forli. Art Fair "Vernice art fair"

2018: Cineto Romano. National Painting Prize "Charles and Enrico Coleman"

2019: Castiglione del Lago. International Plein Air Painting.

2021: Rome. NOA Gallery.

2022: Rome, "Rome Art Fair"

2023: 67° Roma Art Festival

2023: "Biennale di Lisbona. Arte crista." Portogallo.

2023: Biennale del mare. Torvaianica. Italy

2023: Biennale della riviera Romana. Italy

2023: 7° Festival of Impressionism and painting En Plein Air. Les Andelys. France.

2023: 68° Roma Art Festival. Italy

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