Boy bitten by a green lizard

by Federica E Loris

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"Stretching a hand towards some ripe fruit, the boy is bitten on his finger by a lizard that emerges among the leaves. If you look at the young man's middle finger, you can see the small reptile attached to the phalanx. The theme is characterized by the fusion of the strong expressiveness of the boy, seized by unexpected and accentuated pain, and of the still life with the glass ampoule. The contrast represented by the manifest youth and sudden pain, also lead to reflect on the extreme transience of earthly life and on a deeper meaning moral, linked to the pitfalls that lie behind the attractive earthly goods."

Struck by this masterpiece by Caravaggio as I too would have had the same reaction as the boy at the sight of a reptile, I tried to pay homage to the Master with my own personal reinterpretation.

The painting continues on the sides of the canvas, in order to make the frame optional.

Work included in the limited edition personalized art catalog by EA Editore (November 2017).


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