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It's my first attempt to reproduce a photograph with pencils.

I still didn't know what my path was or perhaps a true path is never written, perhaps at that moment it was just a school assignment to do and as such I had to do it with all my effort.

I remember those days during the summer holidays of high school, in the garden of my house during my often solitary adolescence due to my shyness and reserve and that feeling of being one with my pencil in the coolest hours of the day: that feeling of Patience knock on my time and skills. I proudly decided to accept his presence to complete the plan and to achieve my goal with all of myself.

From then on everything went beyond being a commitment, everything became passion and love.

Talking about still life for me is a contradiction: nature, by its definition, is alive; it becomes dead when it is removed from its habitat (the flower cut from the plant, the fruit picked from the tree...).

Each artist therefore takes on a challenge: he portrays a flower destined to die and thus makes it eternal.

His skill consists in deceiving, making inanimate objects and dead beings appear real and alive.

This is exactly what I tried to do, albeit starting from a photograph found in a book.

I remember counting those grains, observing them, so well aligned in the cobs, so close to each other but not one equal to the other: I perceived a sense of order, a reason for amazement and wonder that Nature always knows how to reserve for us in ever-changing ways. different. As Pliny the Elder said, "Nature is great in big things, but very great in small things".

(You can find the critical video review of this drawing by Prof. Plinio Perilli in the "Criticisms" section of this reserved area of mine on PitturiAmo).

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