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Anna has always loved drawing.

She attended the Art Institute at the Villa Reale in Monza, obtaining the Master of Arts Diploma and the Applied Art Maturity with full marks.

She works in the world of Graphics, Advertising and Illustration.

She is the owner of an online shop on Etsy (disegnochiarodiluna).

She prefers the use of black pencils; the monochromatic technique for her is a choice, close to her reflection and also her confidentiality.

Sometimes she creates by letting herself be carried away by her creativity and her imagination, sometimes she doesn't create new images and her ability is to reproduce an already existing photo making the drawing similar.

Making an image your own is an attractive challenge, with and for itself.

Anna believes that a drawing is a wonderful form of communication, which does not happen through words, but through emotions.

The courage to still be emotional, to abandon artificial masks, to be yourself but with respect for others is the life she seeks and believes in.

A drawing is unique and never predictable: it is like Poetry that she invites us to meditate on because it evokes emotions.

It should be able to excite those who look at it also through attention to every detail.

Anna loves even the smallest detail because she speaks to her, it is important, she fills her despite her apparent silence.

She believes that Infinity can be held in the palm of your hand and that Eternity is as valuable as an hour.

Anna wishes to satisfy all those people who, believing in her talent, wish to preserve their emotions in a drawing and through her art, perhaps even giving it as a gift to those they love.

A drawing is forever, like every important emotion and memory.

Feel free to contact Anna for any information.

You need to present her with a clear photo of what you want to see done or commission her what you want.

She draws in all formats. Shipping is free everywhere, without frame. She prepares free estimates.

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HER SITE: colombo


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1999: PORCELAIN PAINTING COURSE at the "Il Decoro" laboratory.


2017: "disegnochiarodiluna". Opening of an online shop. I create custom drawings in black pencils.

2018: ART COMPETITION in honor of "Marc Chagall" Pagine Publishing House of Rome.

            Selected together with 16 other finalists for the creation of the "ArtisticaMente" ART CATALOGUE.

2019/2020: Participation in national and international ART COMPETITIONS.

                     2020 - June: PITTURANTENA AWARD Spazio Urano in Rome.

                                            - REA Steam factory in Milan.

                                            - MALAMEGI LAB Art Contest

                                            - ART COMPETITION in honor of "Claude Monet" organized by the Pagine Publishing House of Rome.

                                  July: HIXI MAGAZINE Competition.

                                             - CARAPELLI FOR ARTS 2020 competition.

                                 August: ARTBOX PROJECTS ZURICH 2.0 SWISS ART EXPO.

                             December: ARTE LAGUNA PRIZE Competition 2020.21 Venice.

2021: 14 December -17 January: Collective exhibition "HUMAN LANDSCAPES POSTCARD" ALAUDA Association for Arts and Culture of Adelfia - Bari.

                                                      Selected together with 70 finalists.

                4 January - 31 March: ARTBOX.PROJECT WORLD 1.0 Zurich

                January: Open Call "Not so ordinary objects" FMB Art Gallery Rome.

                February: FEATURED ARTISTS PROJECT with Casa Editrice Pagine di Roma.

                                 VIDEO CRITICAL REVIEW OF THE PROFESSOR. PLINIO PERILLI, personal website and catalogue.

                March: MALAMEGI Lab 18 Competition.

           March 29: VIRTUAL SOLO EXHIBITION ART OPEN SPACE. Selection passed by competition.

           April: COMBACT PRIZE Competition. Livorno.

                      YICCA INTERNATIONAL CONTEMPORARY ART PRIZE Competition and membership of YICCA ART SHOP.

                      Art competition KUNST.STUCK of the Kaltern winery. South Tyrol. Pinot Grigio 2019 label.


           September: LUXEMBOURG ART PRIZE 2021 with receipt of CERTIFICATE OF MERIT.

           October: XIII Contemporary Painting Competition City of Romano di Lombardia "BEYOND HELL" Homage to Dante.

           December: CHRISTMAS MARKET - OFF SPACE Selected to exhibit from 3 to 5 December.


           February-March: ARTBOX. PROJECTS WORLD 2.0 Zurich.

           February: TRENTO ART FESTIVAL Trento Award.

                        - PRISMA ART PRIZE Competition Rome.

           March: International Prize for Poetry, Literature and Figurative Arts "Live reality inside and outside" Milan by Serena Rossi.

                      I receive the AWARD OF MERIT Visual Arts section 9.07.22

                    - "Giuliano Nozzoli" Art Award in collaboration with Vault Art Consulting and Gigarte - Empoli FI / LI

                      SELECTED FOR THE COLLECTIVE EXHIBITION with Italian and foreign artists, 2-17 July Torre di San Vincenzo.

                    - ART TALENT FAIR Award Aps Moho Association - Lucca.

                    - Contemporary Art Competition "THE ROOMS OF WONDERS" Siviera Association - Verbania.

                    - ARTBOX.PROJECT 1.0 Venice at the Biennale Artbox Expo. Exhibition operates from 1 - 31.05.22

           April: FINALIST at the International Academic Prize for Poetry and Contemporary Art "Apollo Dionisiaco". Rome.

                     Selected among the first 70 works out of 928 from the four continents. Online publication, with criticism, on the Academic Exhibition website

                     of Contemporary Art on the nominal page reserved for me.

                   - Competition "Journeys of verses" Poets and Poetry Publishing House Pages Rome. SELECTED FOR THE CATALOGUE.

           June: Competition "100 ARTISTS at Palazzo Fani" Tuscania. Rome

                        SELECTED FOR THE COLLECTIVE EXHIBITION from 16 to 23 July at Palazzo Fani.

                     - "We Are Art!" Competition. Monza.

                     - ARTBOX PROJECT 4.0 Zurich. Exhibition operates from 24 to 28 August.

                     - MALAMEGI LAB Award for Contemporary Art ROME '22 Edition

                     - ARTKEYS Agropoli Award (SA)

                     - FRIDA KAHLO ArteArtisti Competition, Pagine Publishing House, Rome. SELECTED FOR THE CATALOGUE.

                     - Competition 1st edition Irene Carlevale "Animal" San Giovanni Assignment FR.

                       SELECTED FOR THE COLLECTIVE EXHIBITION of January 2023

            September: DANTEBUS BAZART Competition Rome.

                           - Selected by PitturiAmo for the collective exhibition on the screens "ART 3F" Marseille 7-9 October 2022.

                           - VITTORIO VIVIANI PRIZE 2022. Free Painting Academy Association. Nova Milanese (MB).


                         + Critical presentation of Pino Purificazione, 17 - 31 December at the Purificazione Gallery in Rome.

            December: 20+ A CALL FOR DRAWINGS 24-26 March 2023 CremonaFiere.

2023 February: Call for Artists LES FEMMES 25 February - 15 March Pisa

         - April: SELECTED to exhibit two works at the Call for Artists STILL LIFE: yesterday and today 13 - 24 May GAMeC Pisa

         - May: SELECTED for exhibition of works at the Contest Contro Corrente A.2.C. Gallery Terni 28 June - 12 July

         - September: FINALIST at the International Academic Prize for Poetry and Contemporary Art "Apollo Dionisiaco". Rome.

                                Selected among the first 70 works out of 1004 from the four continents. Online publication, with criticism, on the website of the Academic Exhibition of Contemporary Art on the nominal page reserved for me.

         - October: VITTORIO VIVIANI PRIZE 2023. Free Painting Academy Association. Nova Milanese (MB).

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